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Do Basmati Stocks Offer Value

The Basamti business is a commodity business, however listed companies in this space have decent ROE's. The results of the latest quarter have been good for ...

Walk the Talk: Q3FY19 Results and Insights from the Basmati Industry

As part of the walk the talk series, where we look at latest quarterly results and conference call of companies in a particular industry and provide our ...

Annual Report Review : KRBL

In our first annual report review for 2019, we look at KRBL in this post. KRBL is the leading basmati player in the country. We had covered the basmati ...

KRBL Revenue declines, PAT Up By 14%; Improves Operating Margin

KRBL is a well-known brand in Basmati Rice segment. The company is majorly into packaging and sale of rice. KRBl has also ventured into power sale. KRBL has ...