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4 ArticlesJim Chanos

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The Inefficient Market Hypothesis: Ballarpur Edition

Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH) is a theory by Eugene Fama that argued that markets are efficient nearly all the time. So stock selection either based on the ...

Chanos on NDTV: China's Going Down

Jim Chanos, who runs Kykinos Associates was interviewed by NDTV today. The interviewer comes across as unprepared, unfortunately; he asked Jim very basic ...

Jim Chanos on China

Chanos is a short-seller, and was known to have shorted Enron before it’s collapse. While shorters are usually blamed for everything, Chanos has been right ...

Short Sellers Bask In A Well Deserved Glory

An interesting article about a short seller, David Einhorn, and Lehman Brothers: That was 1996. The firm had just $900,000 in assets, more than half of which ...