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Premium: Wipro and Infy Buyback Trades Give Us 15% Each Within 6 Months

We now officially close the Wipro and Infy buyback arbitrages with a 15% return in each one eventually. A decent return for a relatively low risk trade after a ...

Infosys buys back at 23% higher price, but what happens after?

Infosys will buy back Rs. 13,000 cr. worth shares at Rs. 1150 in a tender offer, says their board today. This is a near 5% buyback, and will reduce the total ...

Bond Baba: Will the Infy Buyback Be Useful for an Arb?

Infy has announced - just recently - that they will meet on the 19th to decide if they should buy back shares. They've announced that they will spend about Rs. ...

Premium: Uncle Theta trembles as he locks in gains from the TCS and Infy result plays

Uncle Theta loves to experiment. He’s had great success with TCS in the past, and with Infy too. This time, the results were together. So Uncle Theta ...

IT Stocks Spooked By New H1-B Visa Bill With $130K Wage Floor

A new bill has been introduced in US congress and that’s spooking IT stocks. It’s not yet passed – and will probably be diluted substantially ...

Infosys Has A Lacklustre Result But Option Sellers Rejoice

Infy results have been ordinary. You could write a lot about how their margins went up X basis points or their “guidance” was down (or up, ...

Infy Options See Major Action Before Results, Stock Really Volatile

Infy results are tomorrow and the market generally boes bonkers on their results. The stock tends to be super volatile on result day, and here’s how it ...

Street Expectations: Infosys, TCS, LIC Housing Finance and Reliance Industries

Financial results for the quarter ending June 2016 have been flowing in and we have tabulated some of the earnings estimates you in this post. The current ...

Early Results: 12 of 50 Nifty Companies Show 18.6% Increase in Net Profit for Q4 2016, Annual Growth at 14.3%

Q4 Results are out! As the Nifty 50 companies line up to disclose their performance report, we bring you a summary of their results along with the schedule ...

Aberdeen Asset Management reduces stake in Infosys from 3.29% to 3.04%

Infosys Infosys Limited (formerly Infosys Technologies Limited) is an Indian multinational corporation that provides business consulting, information ...