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Charts: Inflation's Back. Sort Of. 4.88% In November.

CPI Inflation for the month of November 2017 came in at 4.88%, the highest in 15 months. As you can see there was a bit of a flatline last year ...

Chart: Adjust the Nifty for Inflation, and we are 10% below the highs of 2007

Inflation hits all of us hard. It’s a drop in purchasing power. So let’s adjust the Nifty for a “constant” purchasing power by removing ...

Is Food Inflation Really Negative? Data Shows It's All Just In The Regular Cycle

Farmers are in trouble, they say. Because things are really really bad. Farmers have seen prices drop big time, they say. Too much planting and too much food, ...

Charts: Core Inflation Rises to Two Year High in Jan 2017

The RBI was right in worrying about core (“non-food, non-fuel”) inflation. The worry is that this number is rising, and it’s come about as ...

Inflation at a One Year Low, But Core Inflation Is Rising

Consumer Price Inflation for September 2016 came in at a low 4.31%. This shows in the index with the major fall being in food inflation (which is just 4.1%) ...

Inflation Surprise With Drop To 5%, Veggies Save The Month

Consumer Price Inflation for August 2016 was a surprise – a low 5.05%! This is due to flattening food inflation and a higher base last year. The biggest ...

Good News: Pulses See 34% Growth in Sowing, Prices Likely to Cool Down

We’ve seen prices of dals soaring to over Rs. 200 per kg. And the only way to solve that problem is to produce more dal – or lentils, which are ...

Inflation Crosses 6%, Trajectory Looks Dangerous Despite A Good Monsoon

Rain or no rain, food prices only seem to be going up. In July High food prices took inflation to more than 6%, the highest in nearly two years. This ...

Macronomics: There Are Many Reasons to Cut Rates, But 3 Solid Reasons Not To

Raghuram Rajan's last monetary policy statement as governor comes tomorrow, and the big question is: Will he go out with a bang, by cutting ...

Charts: The "Real" Nifty After Inflation Is Struggling To Beat Its 2007 High

You have inflation and you have investments. You want your investments to beat inflation. We have a special thing at Capital Mind which we do once in a while ...