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An “Experimental” Exit: IDFC Does What We Expected It To Do After an RBI Suggestion

A committee of the RBI has suggested that a bunch of changes be done to the Bank Licensing norms, which are very interesting in how they impact current banks ...

An Opportunity in the Boring Old IDFC

When stocks keep going up 5% a day, it’s very boring to think of a stock that might give you like more than 20% in 6 months. Which is why we’ll ...

Premium: The Curious Incident of the IDFC Shriram PR Exercise

There was this big hullaboo on Saturday. The chatter was that there was a press conference that would announce a mega merger of two large financial players ...

CLSA sells stake in IDFC Limited to Yes Bank backed Platinum Investments

IDFC Limited – Results in 6 days (29-Apr-2016) IDFC was incorporated in 1997 with its registered office in Chennai. In 1998 the company registered with ...

Technicals: The BB-Reject+MACD Strategy Works On Hourlies Too

The Bollinger Band Reject + MACD Strategy seems to be working on hourly bars as well. I have been tracking this for the last five days and the strategy seems ...

Tech System: ACC Makes It Up 6% to Exit.

I have been testing an interesting Bollinger band reject system combined with an MACD crossover. This seems to be useful in trending times like now. I ...