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Premium: The Curious Incident of the IDFC Shriram PR Exercise

There was this big hullaboo on Saturday. The chatter was that there was a press conference that would announce a mega merger of two large financial players - ...

CLSA sells stake in IDFC Limited to Yes Bank backed Platinum Investments

IDFC Limited – Results in 6 days (29-Apr-2016) IDFC was incorporated in 1997 with its registered office in Chennai. In 1998 the company registered with ...

Technicals: The BB-Reject+MACD Strategy Works On Hourlies Too

The Bollinger Band Reject + MACD Strategy seems to be working on hourly bars as well. I have been tracking this for the last five days and the strategy seems ...

Tech System: ACC Makes It Up 6% to Exit.

I have been testing an interesting Bollinger band reject system combined with an MACD crossover. This seems to be useful in trending times like now. I ...