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How the Leverage at Archegos Capital Brought Banks to their Knees

What happened at Archegos Capital that caused Nomura and Credit Suisse to warn about impending losses? The story of the unwinding of a hedge fund that had ...

What is this Trend following thing anyway?

My kids are huge fans of Formula 1. The races have them glued to a TV screen for the full two hours or so that it takes to finish a circuit at blazingly high ...

Hedge Fund Manager Buys Drug, Hikes Price from $15 to $750. Available in India for Rs. 3!

There’s a (former) hedge fund manager called Martin Shkreli. He runs Turing Pharmaceuticals which bought a drug called Daraprim, and instantly raised ...

Creating a Hedge Fund in India: The Structure

How can you create a hedge fund in India? The name has no formal meaning in India, so we look at the various ways you can create a vehicle for someone to ...