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HDFCBANK Q2 Through the Roof, 30% EPS Growth

In another magnificent display HDFC Bank takes its EPS up 30% in what others would call a tough environment. The stock was up 3% on a very smart rally in the ...

HDFC To Repay 2,000 Cr. for HDFCBank Shares

In 2009, HDFC borrowed about 4,000 cr. in two and three year NCDs, of which they will pay back 2,000 cr. in August 2011. This will need to be rolled over, ...

HDFC Bank EPS up 26%, Stock will split 5:1

HDFC Bank announced results for Q4 FY 2011 (March 2011) with the Year-end EPS at close to Rs. 84, which is about 26% higher than last year. The quarter itself ...