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Podcast: Should The Indian Government Borrow From Abroad? (Episode-9)

‘About 40% of all the of money that you’re paying as tax is going not to build infrastructure, not to feed the hungry, not to pay farmers for food! ...

Macronomics: Indian Corporate Debt market no longer attractive to Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs)

Today we look at a strange situation in corporate debt investments by Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs). While they continue to increase their investments in ...

Is There a Rs. 30,000 cr. Debt Swap Planned For March?

Something seems off in the Budget Calculations. Every year we spend more than we earn. We borrow the difference, typically as market debt called Government ...

The Stuff That Worries Us

Lately, as the stock market refuses to give a rat’s ass, we have been inundated with major concerns about the global economy. Some of these offer comfort to ...