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Premium: Risk Management Part 1 – Keeping Risk at 2% And A Strategy to Not Lose Money At All

Much is written about trading as just getting a great entry and exit. You get in at 100, get out at 110. This is great, but in reality most people ...

Premium Video: Do Not Hurry Exits, Says AP on Trading Options

We’ve had options trading from AP in the trading room at Slack for over one month now.The idea of what AP is doing, is to educate us on how option ...

Video: Introducing Options With AP with a High Conviction Tata Steel Move!

Capital Mind Premium has a great chat channel at Slack, and we’ve recently had a very cool addition: For the next three months Abhijit Phatak (@ap_pune, ...

F&O Course: Presentation is online

The online course in futures and options was a lot of fun. It stretched to 2 hrs and 15 minutes. See/hear the recording which contains a complete set of ...

Cross-margining: the why and the what

SEBI has announced cross-margining of cash and futures/options, for all participants. Cross-margining is essentially allowing cash positions (shares in a DP ...

Would you like an online course for Futures and Options?

A number of commenters here have expressed their interest in F&O but that it is entirely difficult to decipher or understand. I was thinking of an online ...