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Fundas : Understanding Financial Ratios – Part 1

One of the most important task that a fundamental analyst undertakes while analyzing companies is going through and understanding the financial statements of ...

Fundas: Understanding the PE Ratio, and a Model To Make Sense Of It

As part of our funda series in this post we cover the Price to Earnings Ratio, we explain the P/E ratio and model to make sense of the ...

Fundas – Understanding the Quality of Earnings

As part of our funda series, in this post we try and decipher the quality of earnings that companies post. Lot of emphasis is given on the Income or Profit and ...

Fundas: Understanding the Price to Book (P/B) Ratio

In this post lets try and understand the Price to Book ratio also commonly known as P/B ratio. What does it mean when companies trade at a P/B of 1, why do ...

Fundas: Self Sustainable Growth Rate

In our funda series, we bring in a term that's not often understood: The Self Sustainable Growth ...

Fundas – Understanding Revaluation Reserves

In this "Funda" post, we shall try to understand the term: revaluation reserve, a term we often see in Balance ...

Premium (Unlocked): Fundas: Cash Flow – The Truth About Profit

The importance of Profits getting converted to Cash What happens when accounting profits are higher or lower than cash profits? How does it impact the company? ...

Fundas: Decoding the ROE – Part 2

This is a two-part post on a fundamental concept called the Return on Equity (ROE). Here is the first part. Now read the second:  In this post we will apply ...

Fundas: Decoding the ROE – Part 1 

This is a two-part post on a fundamental concept called the Return on Equity (ROE). Here is the first part. Here's a basic basic concept defined: "Return on ...

Concepts: Why is the RBI Buying Rupee Bonds?

The RBI will buy Rs. 10,000 cr. of rupee bonds from banks in an Open Market Operation (OMO) Auction on Jan 20. Why is the RBI buying bonds? Because it’s ...