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Sri Lankan Crisis, Luck Vs Skill in Investing, FPI Selling Spree & More

We curate the most relevant, interesting, and actionable ideas from the world of investing in this weekly newsletter👇 🔅 Economics: What's happening ...

What Does It Means When SEBI Says No More P-Notes on Derivatives?

SEBI has banned the use of P-Notes for foreign investors to trade Indian derivatives. To understand what this means, you have to first know what P-Notes are. ...

The 2016 Macro: Foreign Investors Sell Highest Amount of Debt Ever. First Net Sell Since 2008!

Call it Demonetization. Call it a Trump thing. Whatever it is, Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs) have sold over Rs. 40,000 cr. of debt investments in India in ...

Foreign Investors Sell 24,000 cr. in November So Far

Foreign investors are selling Indian stocks and bonds. They’ve sold over 12,000 cr. of equity and about that much in the debt markets, for a total exodus ...

Charts: Foreign Investors Are Quietly Exiting Debt Investments While Buying Stocks

Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs) have, in a strange way, sold a lot of debt, while continuing to buy equity. In June, while they sold a bit through the last ...

Macronomics: Indian Corporate Debt market no longer attractive to Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs)

Today we look at a strange situation in corporate debt investments by Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs). While they continue to increase their investments in ...

The Simplified Version: What It Means When Mauritius Based Investors Are Taxed in India From 2017

Mauritius based entities that Invest in India – from Private Equity investors, VC funds, and investment pass-through vehicles (which issue participatory ...

Charts: Foreign Investors Buy Over 24,000 cr. in India in 2016 Till May

Foreign investors continue to like India but not quite as much as they did in March. After selling about 13,000 cr. worth equities in Jan and Feb, Foreign ...