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Macronomics: RBI Protects the Rupee By Selling Dollars, And Squeezes Rates Upwards

In Macronomics we'll look at the liquidity situation in the markets. Foreign investors have been pulling out money in both equity and debt markets. For the ...

Macronomics: Forex Reserves Peak Just Before the FCNR Storm Hits

In Macronomics today, we’ll take a look at this whole FCNR thing once again, before the storm comes. We spoke of it in December 2015. (Read: The story of ...

Macronomics: Forex Reserves Hit A High After March, But Rupee Depreciation Looms Over The Horizon

In Macronomics today: • Forex reserves rise to $360 billion, the highest ever, with over $13 billion added in March 2016 alone • Rate of growth is ...

Current Account Deficit Falls to 0.2% of GDP, RBI Buys Massive Quantities of Incoming Dollars

The current account deficit for the March quarter of 2015 came in at -1,286 million, which is a big relief, even if it’s marginally higher than the ...