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Premium: Fixed Income Portfolio Changes To More Safety

The Fixed Income Portfolio needs another small change. This is the second change this year, which is fairly unusual for a portfolio like this but such times ...

Premium: The Fixed Income Portfolio Is Now More Aggressively Into Gilts

We've been running a fixed income portfolio, almost surreptitiously, on Capitalmind Premium. Here's the set of posts and what happened each time. In 2015, we ...

Bond Baba gets a desk

If you have been a frequent visitor to Capitalmind, you already know we like bonds. Low volatility relative to stocks, a variety of term structures to  match ...

Bond Baba: Reviewing the Fixed Income Portfolio and Adding Gilt Exposure

Fixed income covers a wide arena of investments but have lower volatility in comparison to equity. Volatility in fixed income instruments is determined by the ...

Fixed Income Portfolio: Goodbye Gilt and Dynamic Funds, Hello Ultra Short Terms [Bond Baba]

The RBI hasn't cut rates and bonds have been crushed. How bad is it, really? For bond funds, it's a drop across the board, as government securities dropped up ...

Bond Baba: Bond Prices Have Fallen. The Fixed Income Portfolio Needs To Move To Ultra Short Terms

Bonds got battered today. After RBI said no to a rate cut, bond yields rose. The 10 year was quoting at 6.17% and closed at 6.41% - a 0.24% increase ...

Our Fixed Income Bond Mutual Fund Portfolio, Revisited: Bond Baba

We had two fixed income portfolio posts since 2014, and it's probably time for another one and an ...

Fixed Income Portfolio: Four Mutual Funds We Consider to Profit From Falling Rates

This is the first glimpse of Capital Mind's Fixed Income Portfolio. This is a post for Capital Mind Premium subscribers ...

Monthly Income Plans Versus Fixed Deposit

Updated 25 April 2011: Given the popularity of the post I decided to redo the data until today and see how MIPs have fared. It seems that the data I ...