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4 ArticlesFiscal Deficit

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Fiscal Deficit Jumps Higher, Not Enough “Make in India”

India’s fiscal deficit pushed itself out of proportion at 99% of it’s fiscal target. The deficit until November was almost all of the deficit ...

The Government Talks Austerity; Mid-Year Fiscal Deficit Highest in 5 years

We’re a little more than midway into the Financial Year 2014-2015: perfect time for a comparative analysis of the performance of the new government. How bad ...

India’s Dangerous Fiscal Deficit

At Yahoo, I write on The Dangerous Fiscal Deficit Situation in India: While we are battered with news about abandoned babies, victories and then losses for ...

Using our Forex Reserves to Fund Our Fiscal Deficit

So, S&P is thinking of downgrading our country based on the increased fiscal deficit and they’re hitting our banks too. This gets me really pissed ...