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Yellen Says It Could Be Time For a Rate Hike, Excess Reserves Tell Us a Story

Janet Yellen is never going to raise the fed rate, it seems. The language these bankers are using is so hedged that you wonder why they even say anything at ...

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen’s speech excerpt

Here is a short excerpt of the Speech given by Janet L. Yellen – Chair of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System at the World Affairs ...

The Fed Wriggles Out By Removing “Patient” From Statement

The Fed went a little crazy yesterday. They didn’t want to spook the market, but they did want to say okay we’re not really in a zone that says we ...

One QE Ends, Another Goes Ballistic: Japan Hikes QE and Triples Stock Purchases

We know the Fed Ended QE earlier this week. But almost on cue, Japan’s jumped into the fray, running its printing machine for yet another extension of ...

The Fed Ends QE3, But It’s Not Going To Hurt

The US Fed finally ended their quantitative easing (QE) program yesterday. The program consisted of the federal reserve printing money to buy a truckload of US ...