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DCB Bank: What Was The 16% Fall About?

DCB Bank  – One of the few selective private banks, which is known to have a strong balance sheet has fallen 16% post Q1FY20 results. Is their a major ...

Q2FY18 Results: Private Banks Show Resilience Towards NPA, Show Credit Growth; LVB Goes For a Toss

Its October and the Q2 results have started coming in. A few private banks have come out with results till now. Though it has been a mixed bag, each one has to ...

Premium: US Watchdog Fines Habib Bank $630 Million, DCB Shares Tumble, Whats the Impact?

DCB shares took a fresh hit today of 3%. The reason was interesting: it has the same promoters as of Habib Bank in Pakistan, and that Pakistan bank has been ...

Earnings Report Closing Piece : 3QFY17 : 663 Companies Till Date With Management Comments!

Here is a quick summary of the 3QFY17 financial results for all the companies announced till date. This is the final results piece for 3QFY17 having covered ...

Early Q3: Small Banks Report Good Quarter Despite De-Monetization

The effect of demonetization on cash collections of small banks was expected to be bad. But the results show some resilience by smaller banks so far. The ...

City Union Bank and DCB Maintain Gross NPA Below 2.7%; Net Interest Margin @ 4%

The Tamil Nadu based bank has been very stable with its NPA. CUB has shown restricted growth for NPAs. Currently the bank has 2.69% of its advances as gross ...

The Indian Banking Sector Report: NPA Shocks Continue As Banks Struggle to Provision Enough

At Capital Mind, we’ve been watching banks carefully. There’s a lot of value out there, but also a lot of information that needs comparison. ...

Chart: Bad Loan Percentages Rise for Nearly All Banks in FY 2016 And The Worst Is Yet To Come

A quick look at Banking results shows us a major deterioration in NPAs – both Gross and Net. Gross NPAs = the loans that are 3 months (or more) delayed ...