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Debt Funds Redemption Touches 18-Month High of Rs. 84,335 Crore in September

September witnessed an inflow of Rs. 16,071 crore against Rs. 25,332 crore in August, 2016 and an outflow of Rs. 77,142 crore in September, 2015. Debt Funds: ...

Mutual Funds AUM Touch 16 Lakh Crore, Liquid Funds Witness Negative Inflows

Assets managed by the MF Industry has increased from Rs. 15.73 lakh crore in Jul-16 to Rs. 16.06 lakh crore in Aug-16.  Sequential growth stood at 2.13% or ...

The Top 10 Banks Show Credit Slowdown, Not Enough Provisioning

The Banking sector in India has slowly been moving up in valuation. In the last three months when Nifty moved by 7.19%, bank nifty moved by 12.98%! Banks are ...

How Much Of Recent Equity Fund Inflows Were In Arbitrage Funds?

There’s more to the arb fund story. We spoke of how much of the inflow into equity funds was just in Arbitrage funds, which are just funds that try to ...

80% of August Mutual Fund Inflows Were In Arbitrage Funds, Retail Investments Are Lower Than Reported

We wrote recently that Equity funds have seen a massive inflow in August. Thanks to timely tweets by Aashish Sommaiyaa (CEO, Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund) and Dr. ...

Equity Mutual Funds See 11-Month High in Net Flows in August : Data Monster

Today we cover the monthly report covering the sales and redemption/ repurchase data of Mutual Funds in India. This will be a regular feature going forward. ...

Direct Investments in MFs at New High, As AUM Crosses 15 Lakh Crores

Assets managed by the MF Industry has increased from Rs. 14.89 lakh crore in Jun-16 to Rs. 15.73 lakh crore in July-16. Not only it this the highest in over ...

Yes, Stocks Are Rocking, But Debt Mutual Funds Get All The Money

Even as the Nifty gets a positive return for the fifth month in a row, it’s debt mutual funds that are eating the cake. Net flows into Debt funds were ...

Private Insurers and Their Claims Rejection Ratios: Who Can You Trust?

  In our first and second edition of Capital Mind Data Monster’s Life insurance Sector chronicle, we have talked about the premium collection of ...

How Much Are Insurers Growing Their Profits? Data Monster Finds Out

Today is the second edition of the numbers crunched Capitalmind’s Data Monster. You can catch the first installment of this in the here: You Won’t ...