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Charts: Inflation is at 2.19% Through Core Inflation Remains at 5.7%. Will They Cut Rates?

What a come down it has been for Inflation. The number that we’re seeing is 2.19%, a very low headline for what has been one of India’s biggest ...

Charts: Core Inflation Goes to 6.4%, The Highest Since 2014

Here’s a headline you might not read. Inflation came in at 5% for June 2018, but we have something really important happening in the details. The ...

Inflation at a One Year Low, But Core Inflation Is Rising

Consumer Price Inflation for September 2016 came in at a low 4.31%. This shows in the index with the major fall being in food inflation (which is just 4.1%) ...

Inflation Peaks to Highest Since Sep 2014 at 5.76%, And Fuel Price Hikes Not Yet In

Consumer Price Inflation for May 2016 is at a near-two-year high at 5.76%. This is the highest we’ve seen this number at since September 2014. Remember ...

Chart: CPI Inflation for Nov 2015 at a 13-month High of 5.41%

Consumer Price Inflation for November 2015 came in at a 1 year high of 5.41%, riding largely on the back of high food inflation. Here’s the situation in ...

CPI Inflation for Dec 2013 Still Too High at 9.9%

Consumer Price Inflation for December 2013 came in at a lower 9.9%, which is lower only because November was a (revised) 11.16%. The big fall has been food, ...

Consumer Price Inflation (CPI) – A Flawed Index? (For Now)

Recently I’ve been hearing a lot about how the Consumer Price Inflation (CPI) is still very high, even though the Wholesale Price Index (WPI) has been ...