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10-Dec: FPIs Sell Hard, Sector Rotation in 2023, Godfrey Phillips is Outlier & More

Quick glance 🔆 Market Overview: Crisp overview of markets & macros 🔆 Off the Charts: FPI sell hard in 2022, but we still hit ATH 🔆 Good Reads: 5 ...

OMG: The Retail Investor is the Biggest Player in the Stock Market

If you thought the foreign investors were the ones driving the market, you'd be wrong. Mutual funds? Wrong again. Banks? Insurers? Wrong. It's the individual ...

Is a market crash looming? Some cues about what to expect

As investors and market participants, we are a bit like that king, doomed to be perpetually restless. When the market goes down, we wonder as to when would ...

World Stock Markets in Three Charts

World Stock Markets Compared in three ...

How to think about Asset Allocation in India – Part 2

Part 1 of this two-part Asset Allocation post used a simple equal-allocation strategy over four available assets to make the case for asset allocation as a ...