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4 ArticlesCapitalmind Premium League

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Winners of Capitalmind Premium League 2022 and announcing 2023 edition

Taking a cue from sports fantasy leagues in 2021, we started Capitalmind Premium League (CPL) - a virtual stock picking contest for Capitalmind Premium ...

The best index fund, IndusInd whistleblower, Musk sells stock and more

In this week’s edition 2 fresh posts and the CPL: our version of fantasy stock-picking goes live Weekly Fundas post – The money you wish you never ...

Capitalmind Premium League – 2021 Results and 2022 launch

We started Capitalmind Premium League last year - a fantasy stock-picking exercise for Capitalmind Premium subscribers. The idea was to put ourselves in ...

Can you really beat the market? Introducing the Capitalmind Premium League

It's that time of the year. When the COVID-impacted 2020 version of the Dream11 Indian Premier League winds down, and financial media is rife with Diwali picks ...