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4 ArticlesCapitalmind Multicap Portfolio

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LT Multicap is now revamped. A new approach, A new identity: The Focused Portfolio

Over the last couple of months, we at Capitalmind introspected about the Long Term Portfolio. One, how can we improve the Long Term Multicap portfolio returns? ...

Portfolios: Market Turns Choppy ; Reducing a Position In Momentum, Keeping Long Term As Is

Today the market had been very volatile and Nifty has fallen to one month low. We exit few positions and cut down some position ...

Portfolios: Adding One More into Momentum and Long Term (Quick Note)

This is a crazy time, so we would recommend being careful too. This move is largely on foreign money coming in, so don't assume this will last forever. Being ...

Portfolio Update: Momentum Shows Stop Changes as Market Slides, MA20 Gets Into Action And More

As the Nifty drops 230 points in four days, we wonder what’s really happened that caused us to become bearish. For one, it was Kuroda – or the lack ...