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6 ArticlesCapital Gains Tax

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Saving Capital Gains Taxes through Rights Harvesting

You may have some capital gains in a financial year which you’ll need to pay tax for. This happens when you sell a house. Or when you sell your ESOPs. Or ...

Tax Arbitrage Using Arb-Funds To Be Removed?

Value research says it’s likely that in the budget, Arbitrage funds will be considered debt funds for the sake of tax. After the last budget (July 2014) ...

Make Long Term Capital Gains Tax Free Only After Three Years of Holding

Equity capital gains are free if you sell shares after a year. You don’t pay long term capital gains taxes for shares sold on a stock exchange. But if ...

Capital Gains Bond Investment Loophole Plugged: Only 50 Lakhs Allowed to Offset Gains

One more tax loophole in Capital Gains has been bridged. Now, you can only invest your long term capital gain in certain bonds (54EC, like NHAI bonds) upto Rs. ...

Fundas: Long Term Capital Gains

Long term capital gains (LTCG) applies when you profit from a “capital asset”, in this context meaning something that involves a long term ...

Capital Gains Tax: A primer

If you make a profit buying and selling Capital Assets (Property, Stock, Mutual Fund units etc.), you need to pay Capital Gains Tax. Here’s a primer: ...