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Telcos and the fault in our AGRs ✨

Today’s spread: 4 research articles from Capitalmind. A tweet thread analyzing the latest RBI bulletin. 5 interesting reads. 5 conversations from our ...

This financial instrument earns 36% per year!

So, what’s the spread this week? ☕️ 4 Original research articles from Capitalmind. A special article featuring responses from our slack community. A ...

First hand lessons for Investors and Traders from the Capitalmind Premium Community

"What the market teaches you is humility. That you can take nothing for granted, and that value is a figment of your imagination. Investing decisions, ...

Asset allocation eats portfolio alpha for breakfast!💪

The subject line may sound misleading now. But if you read the first post of this newsletter, maybe you’ll change your mind. Oh, and yes, you may also ...

E-Currency, Disruption, IPOs and idealess Vodafone!

We start with a post from Deepak Shenoy where he reflects on the month gone by and tries to imagine a future led by disruption. We follow it up with an ...

Meta skills, Economic conundrums and Space travels

Straight from the kitchen of Capitalmind, we have a fantastic spread of articles that cover macroeconomics, investing philosophy, a hot business deal, and an ...

Shaky Economy, Shiny IPOs, and a Standout Stock – Capitalmind Saturday Coffee

These are crazy times in the stock markets – there’s the drama unfolding around Adani group companies, there’s even more drama in bond ...

Capitalmind Saturday Coffee – Green Markets, Amber Stock, and Red Bull

We deep dive into an upcoming mutual fund NFO, understand F&O taxation better, explore a strong growth oriented stock, check out the best stuff from our ...

Capitalmind Saturday Coffee | 15th May 2021 Edition

We’ll start with looking at what moved the markets, check out all that is published by the Capitalmind team throughout the week, bring to you the best ...

The house view on Kovai Medical

​​​​​​​In our “House view” series, we publish summaries of discussions on Capitalmind slack forum. Think of them as short crowd-sourced ...