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What Hurts If Arb Funds Unwind? The Budget Impact, Part 2

In our Previous post, we took a look at the impact of the changes in Tax on Balanced funds. This time, we look at a more dangerous player – Arbitrage ...

The Budget Hits Mutual Funds, Part 1: Balanced Funds

This is a two part series on the impact of the new taxes on mutual funds, and how they will hit the investment dynamic.  Balanced funds invest in stocks and ...

Budget 2018: Some Interest in Disinvestment But Net-Zero Real Impact

When India attained Independence, there were very few industries to speak about that could provide the growth and employment that India required. The ...

Budget 2018: Free Healthcare for the Poor

A robust healthcare system is a necessity of every country – developed or developing. A strong and efficient healthcare system of any country ensures quality ...

Long Term Capital Gains Tax is Back in Budget 2018

We now have Long Term Capital Gains taxes on Stocks. This is perhaps something the market was expecting, and it's come. As expected, gains till now are not ...

Budget 2018: The Rural Side of the Budget, and It's Huge

This budget has been focused on developing the rural landscape. Increased allocation for rural spending is seen, with  more stress on the  agrarian families ...

The Economic Survey in Charts: Higher GST Registrations, Falling Home Price Growth, Tax Litigations

Here’s some of our thoughts from the Economic Survey, which we tweeted out. The GST Thing: The Small Guys are not claiming lower taxes GST has a ...