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Budget 2017 – Agriculture Sector Sees 24% Increase in Budgetary Allocation

Budget 2017-18 comes to rest! Here is one of our coverage as we continue to dissect the 100s of pages of the documents published as part of the Budget! ...

Live Tweets: Budget 2017 with Capitalmind

Budget 2017: Capitalmind ...

EcoSurvey: Indian Banks' Bad Loans At 9.1%; Suggests A Bad Loan Bank

In the Economic Survey Report of 2016-17 is out. we have data on banking NPAs. India: Highest NPA Country in Emerging Economies After Russia According to the ...

EcoSurvey: India's High Deficits and Debt Need To Be Addressed

The fiscal deficit is the difference between government expenditure and receipts (non-capital entries) and one of the most important numbers one looks at in ...

Demonetization – A Potentially Powerful Stick That Needs Carrots Now

Reverse Helicopter Drop – a classic of terming the demonetization event in 3 words or to make it more brutal Demonetisation: To Deify or Demonize? – ...

Chart: The Market Impact of the Budget Over The Years

How has the market been affected by the Budget? While some stocks remain heavily impacted by specific moves, we look at the market index. Let’s see what ...

Budget 2017: Fix Indirect Transfers after the Vodafone Case

Tax laws are written by brilliant folks whose job is to ensure that the government can tap into the maximum amount of Income generated. On the other side, we ...

Budget 2017: Remove 80C, Increase Tax-Free Slab to 5 Lakh and Create Retirement Accounts

It was the season of Elections and Arun Jaitley was contesting from Amritsar. As politicians like to do, he went grandiose and said: “Direct Tax should be ...

Budget 2017: The History of Disinvestment and Where We Go From Here

We take a quick look at what the government has been doing with respect to divesting its stake in public sector enterprises, or the Disinvestment Targets in ...

Should India Move Towards a Banking Transaction Tax?

“It’s impossible to be sure of anything but Death and Taxes” wrote Christopher Bullock in his book The Cobbler of Preston, a quote now often referenced ...