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Bonus Shares: The Unintended Complication That Increases Long Term Investors' Tax Liability

  The concept of bonus shares is weirdly fascinating. It’s just the moving of something from one account in the books to another. It’s total ...

Is The TCS Bonus a Way To Show Their Severance Payouts? Slowest Headcount Growth in a While, Stock Falls 4% on Falling Revenue Growth

We first thought the TCS results were okay. They made a profit of 5773 cr., they said, which looked okay over the previous year’s number of 5358 cr. ...

Should You Buy On A Bonus/Split Announcement?

At the Moneyoga blog, Kaushik has a post on a strategy: Buying Bonus/Split stocks, Profitable? The strategy is simple: When stocks announce a bonus or a split, ...

Bonus shares: A tax saving scheme?

Update 2022: This tax saving scheme is now gone, with the income tax bill saying that shares cannot be used to do bonus stripping. Lots of Indian companies ...