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Bond Baba: A Quick Look at Buybacks – MPhasis, Tata Investments, Bosch and SKF

Bond Baba has been looking at various buybacks, and while we haven’t participated in any officially, we’d like to make a quick list of buybacks ...

Bond Baba: How To Build a High Yield Bond Portfolio Using Retail Bonds in Crazy Times

Bond Baba’s been hyperactive. Because things in the bond market are berserk. Yields have gone up so much you sometimes wonder why we should even bother ...

Premium:The IL&FS Downgrade and How To Navigate Debt Funds That Hold Its Bonds

Bond markets seems to be in rough times. With the dollar at 72 and beyond, the debt markets have cracked big time. Look at the yield curve now, comfortably ...

Bond Baba: A Bank Bond That Gives 9.8%, Better Than Its Own Deposits, or Bond Funds?

In Bond Baba today we ask you one question: Do you like FDs? Okay, maybe you like FDs. Fixed Deposits. When you put your money with a bank and it comes back ...

Bond Baba: How the Reclassification of Debt Mutual Funds Impacts You: HDFC and ICICI Funds

Last year SEBI has released a circular for all fund houses to re-categorise their equity and debt funds under the headers mentioned by SEBI. The ...

The Govt Will Borrow Lesser from Bonds Because We Still Love To Do PPF

It is now better for the government to borrow from your Provident Fund (PF) than to use bond markets. The government has, in an announcement, said that it will ...

Premium: Bond Baba Whispers – You Can Harvest Losses and Save Some Tax

It's coming close to the end of the financial year, and we have Bond Baba waking up from his long hiatus and telling us what we really want to know: How To ...

Premium: Bond Baba Regrets a Failed Buyback From Overambitious Entry

While the buybacks we've targeted have done well so far, the last one was a failed attempt, and we'll ...

Bond Baba: Is Unichem Buyback Worth a Peck?

Unichem - A specialty pharmaceutical company, specialized in niche therapy areas of cardiology, neurology, orthopedics and anti-infective. Unichem has recently ...

Ballarpur Downgraded To Default, and Taurus Debt Funds Get Whacked

Edit: We have updated the post with a few corrections. Ballarpur Industries shocked investors in Taurus Mutual Fund on Wednesday. The relatively ...