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Sovereign Gold Bonds : The Better Gold Than Actual Gold (Premium)

This is Part 4 of our bond series. The first three are An Introduction to Bonds The Interest Rate ...

Video: On Bonds, the ZEE , DHFL and IL&FS Crisis at TC2019

I was at Traders’ Carnival TC2019 at Noida, and I spoke on the Zee and DHFL issues, along with the IL&FS crisis. Also in it is a primer on bonds: ...

Bond Baba: How To Build a High Yield Bond Portfolio Using Retail Bonds in Crazy Times

Bond Baba's been hyperactive. Because things in the bond market are berserk. Yields have gone up so much you sometimes wonder why we should even bother with ...

The Govt Will Borrow Lesser from Bonds Because We Still Love To Do PPF

It is now better for the government to borrow from your Provident Fund (PF) than to use bond markets. The government has, in an announcement, said that it will ...

Ballarpur Downgraded To Default, and Taurus Debt Funds Get Whacked

Edit: We have updated the post with a few corrections. Ballarpur Industries shocked investors in Taurus Mutual Fund on Wednesday. The relatively ...

Bond Yields Rise To Above 7%; Bond Funds Lose Around 3% In A Week

Bond yields are rising, and fast! You can’t see that in the 10 year bond (which is still at 6.86%) but the rest of the bond market, specifically the ...

Bonds Lose 3%-7% on RBI Stance Change. Auction Failure Likely?

Bonds have fallen substantially in two days, losing up to 7% in the misery that market participants have felt after RBI turned the knob from ...

Chart: Foreign Investors Exit Government Debt In A Hurry, Sell 33,000 cr. In A Month

Foreign Investors loved Indian government debt for a long time. But recently, that love has gone away. After Trump and Demonetization they have sold over Rs. ...

Sneakily, Indian and US Long Term Yields are Rising!

There’s something strange happening in India – and indeed, the world – with longer term rates and bonds. It looks like interest rates are ...

Macronomics: There Are Many Reasons to Cut Rates, But 3 Solid Reasons Not To

Raghuram Rajan's last monetary policy statement as governor comes tomorrow, and the big question is: Will he go out with a bang, by cutting ...