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Bank Wise: How Many Additional Tier 1 Capital Bonds Have Been Issued?

We saw the Additional Tier 1 Bonds in Yes Bank written to zero (proposed) and this has led to uncertainty in the bond market. The Basel III norms clearly ...

Yes Bank’s Fall, Zee’s Woes and Deferred Tax Assets (Ep-12)

  Host Deepak Shenoy (CEO) and Aditya Jaiswal (Analyst) discuss about Yes Bank – The “Kohinoor” of Rana Kapoor, pledging of shares by ZEE’s ...

The Year That Was: Banks and RBI

The year 2018 is coming to a close and we at Capitalmind will be trying to cover the most important aspects of it through a series of posts. We start ...

Chart: Bank Lending to NBFCs Grows 55% In A Year. Amidst All The Drama

In today’s chart, let’s take a quick look at the allegations that banks aren’t giving money to NBFCs. Remember October? When NBFCs were ...

Decoding The NBFC Bailout, The Concept of LCR and HQLA and All That Jazz

Things have been rough at Non Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs). From September, while the Nifty’s down about 12%, NBFC stocks are down between 15% and ...

Premium [Unlocked]: Banking Sector of FY 2018

In India – the economy which has become a rising beacon of growth among the investors, but the supporting wheel of its economy, the banking sector has been ...

The Banks That Get 88,000 Cr. as a Bailout. Explained.

On October 25, 2017 the Government announced the Great Indian Bank Recapitalization program. (Read our post on it) The idea was to infuse capital for ailing ...

The Great Indian Bank Recapitalization Program (2017 Edition)

The big bang Bank Recapitalization is here! Call it a bailout, call it recapitalization, or say that the government financial engineered a way to partially ...

Just 5 Big Business Groups Can Bring The Banking System To Its Knees

RBI has a macro-stability report on its site and in there are some interesting gems. One of them is this juicy little factoid: That the top five borrowers can ...

Charts: 6 Months Post Demonetization, Cash Levels Get To 80% Of What It Was Earlier. And Credit/Deposit Growth Falls Off A Cliff.

Just as we reach the six month anniversary of the Demonetization of the 500/1000 rupee notes, we get the status of cash in the economy. The chart has it: we ...