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A Dire Warning To DHFL Shareholders In The Resolution Process

If you own DHFL shares, which have run up recently*, and have hopes that the “Resolution plan” for the company will result in massive gains, we ...

Tata Steel Quietly Takes 92% in the Erstwhile Bhushan Steel Through Convertible Shares

Last year, we wrote about the Bhushan Steel Bankruptcy (read post: The Bhushan Steel Bankruptcy Saga) The resolution gave the company to Tata Steel, which ...

SEBI Changes Rules for Bankruptcies: Buyers Can Take More Than 75%, Easier Delisting

We’re written a lot about bankrupt companies and how it’s dangerous to buy them. Current shareholders have felt cheated by the stocks’ ...

The Bhushan Steel Bankruptcy Saga: Tata Steel Takes Over With 99% Ownership, Eventually.

It’s nearly final. Tata Steel has taken over Bhushan Steel. In what is the first big resolution in the NCLT bankruptcy cases (Read our coverage) the ...

Behind the Bankruptcy Act and Why Moral Hazard Makes Shareholders Feel Cheated

For long, a joke which was close to reality when it came to the Banking Sector was “If you owe the bank £100, that’s your problem. If you owe the bank ...

Banks Take a Hit, Shareholders Take a Bigger Hit: Electrosteel Steels Edition

In the first big public stock bankruptcy resolution, Electrosteel Steels has been declared bankrupt and has now been sold. Vedanta will now become the new ...

The Bankrupt Companies in NCLT May Revive, But You Still Lose: Monnet Ispat Edition

There’s a steel company called Monnet Ispat which has a 1.5 million ton steel capacity. It owes banks Rs. 10,200 crore rupees. That’s nearly as ...

Sun sets for SunEdison – Files for Bankruptcy

SunEdison has filed for bankruptcy under chapter 11 of bankruptcy protection last week. Though it has mentioned that its subsidiaries, called Yield Companies ...

First Shale Oil Bankruptcy as Crude Touches $50

The first shale oil related bankruptcy came through on Sunday: Austin-based WBH Energy Partners told a Texas federal bankruptcy court this week that its ...