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Taurus Funds get 30% of the Defaulted Ballarpur Debt, Banks Take Over the Distressed Paper Company

Remember Ballarpur? We know that it made Taurus Mutual Fund a big loss – in many of its debt schemes – when it defaulted on a debt payment. The ...

The Inefficient Market Hypothesis: Ballarpur Edition

Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH) is a theory by Eugene Fama that argued that markets are efficient nearly all the time. So stock selection either based on the ...

Now Free: How Other Funds Handled The Ballarpur Debt Default, and Why You Need To Exit Some Of Them

The Ballarpur Default had one big victim: Taurus Mutual Fund. But Taurus owned just 100 cr. or so of Ballarpur Debt. Was it the only Mutual Fund to have been ...

Why Taurus MF Has Decided To Let You Sell Units But Not Buy More: The Ballarpur Default

Taurus Mutual Fund, which saw a few debt funds lose a packet on their NAV when Ballarpur was downgraded to default, has done something interesting: They will ...

Ballarpur Downgraded To Default, and Taurus Debt Funds Get Whacked

Edit: We have updated the post with a few corrections. Ballarpur Industries shocked investors in Taurus Mutual Fund on Wednesday. The relatively ...