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Exit Balaji Telefilms; Trailing stop loss hit, 84% gains booked

Balaji Telefilms is now trading at 230, a drop of over 10% from its highs at around 258 yesterday. I maintain a trailing stop loss of 10%, so I have just sold ...

Balaji: Great results, use trailing stop losses

Balaji Telefilms has announced it’s 4th Quarter 07 results. The quarter was stellar, growing profits 37.25%, from 15.5 cr. to 21.28 cr. from the same ...

Balaji Telefilms spikes up to Rs. 180

Balaji Telefilms has spiked up to Rs. 180. In my last update, I mentioned that it has moved fast to Rs. 160, and that I would sell 25% of my holdings at 175. I ...

Stock Update: Balaji Telefilms

I recommended Balaji Telefilms on Aug 26, 2006 at Rs. 118, and reviewed it to a target of Rs. 175 within a year. The price is now Rs. 161 and the company gave ...