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Premium: The Arbitrage in the Sale of a Paper Company

An interesting opportunity arises in a sale of a paper company. Acquisitions happen regularly, but this one is intriguing because the company is being sold at ...

Arb Funds Owned 2300 Cr. of HDFC Bank Which Went Berserk On RBI Drama with Foreigner Trades

HDFC Bank saw some crazy action on Friday. Here’s the 5 minute chart: Why did this happen? HDFC Bank couldn’t be bought by FIIs earlier. Because ...

80% of August Mutual Fund Inflows Were In Arbitrage Funds, Retail Investments Are Lower Than Reported

We wrote recently that Equity funds have seen a massive inflow in August. Thanks to timely tweets by Aashish Sommaiyaa (CEO, Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund) and Dr. ...

Why There Is No 66% Arbitrage With Karnataka Bank's Rights Issue

There’s a little bit of confusion going around because Economic Times had published this article: (You can make upto 66% by participating in Karnataka ...