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Apollo Tyres Q2 Profit Up 44%, Cooper Deal in Jeopardy

Apollo tyres Q2 profit comes in at Rs. 219 cr. , a 44% increase over last year. Apollo was set to acquire Cooper tires in the US for $2.5 billion, and after ...

Apollo Counters Cooper allegations; Deal Might Fall Through

The Cooper-Apollo merger is disintegrating before it even happened. While Apollo was sued by Cooper tire for not attempting to do things fast enough, Apollo ...

Apollo Gets Sued by Cooper for Not Doing Things Fast Enough

Apollo’s deal with Cooper is in some jeopardy. In an SEC Filing, Cooper Tire has sued Apollo for not putting “reasonable best efforts” to complete the ...

Apollo Buys Out Cooper Tire for $2.5 Billion

Apollo Tyres will buy out US Listed Cooper Tire and Rubber Company (CTB) for $2.5 billion, the biggest Indian takeover of a US firm. This will make Apollo the ...