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Results: 18 of 50 Nifty Companies Show 0.6% Decline in Net Profit for Q4 2016, Annual Growth at 11%

Q4 Results are out! As the Nifty 50 companies line up to disclose their performance report, we bring you a summary of their results along with the schedule ...

Premium: Cement Industry – the wrecked driver of Indian Economy

Cement is a key ingredient in the development of the economy as it is indispensable for nation building and has a direct linkage with the nation’s health and ...

Tech System: ACC Makes It Up 6% to Exit.

I have been testing an interesting Bollinger band reject system combined with an MACD crossover. This seems to be useful in trending times like now. I ...

Tech Note: BHEL Does Well, Look For Gap Traverse. ACC Might Set Up

In a post on August 23, I wrote about a setup I saw in BHEL which seemed to follow a nice W pattern involving a lower bollinger reject and a potential move up. ...