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  • 1. Can I pay via bank transfer?

    Of course! Please use the following details:

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    In one word: no. Please do not treat anything at Capitalmind Premium as investment advice. Capitalmind Premium does not provide any recommendations of securities. However, you may choose to consider our content as one input in your decision making process. While we may talk about strategies or positions in the market, our intent is solely to showcase effective risk-management in dealing with financial instruments. This is purely an information service and any trading done on the basis of this information is at your own, sole risk.

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  • 4. Can I get a refund after I subscribe?

    Longer answer: We offer access to our content during the trial period, except for portfolio details and the community on Slack. If you would like to see any old post, please mail contactus [at] and we are happy to provide it. When you subscribe, you get access to all the portfolios, so we can’t provide refunds. Please mail us for any details you may need before you purchase.