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Latest NIFTY Returns by month since 1999. Returns are for Total Return Index which means they include dividends paid out by index companies.

NIFTY 50 Returns: Last 22 years

The difference between NIFTY and NIFTY TRI

NIFTY TRI stands for NIFTY Total Returns Index. The difference between the NIFTY and NIFTY TRI is that the NIFTY tracks change in prices of the underlying 50 stocks while the NIFTY TRI considers price changes and also dividends received from constituent stocks.

NIFTY Best and Worst Performers in the last month

NIFTY 50 Returns: Last 22 years


Note: NIFTY Total Return considered to calculate monthly and year-wise returns from 1999 to 2021. Total Returns include dividends.

Click here for NIFTY PE Ratio since inception

NIFTY 50 Stock Returns

NIFTY 50 Stock Returns over last 1 month, 6 months, 12 months

NIFTY 50 Returns: Last 22 years

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