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Currently open positions at Capitalmind

We look for folks who are curious about all things investing. Be it analysing businesses and their ability to generate long-term shareholder return, or calling out megatrends that will upend existing oligopolies. An interest in business models irrespective of geography, other asset classes and an ability to think with and against consensus are essential. That’s not all. You also need the ability to string deep analysis together to build an engaging narrative for the reader. So, not run-of-the-mill equity research reports that barely scratch the surface.

Mutual Funds Analyst

Capitalmind Mutual Fund Analyst Outcomes:

  1. As the Mutual Fund Subject-Matter-Expert on the team, publish in-depth quantitative research analyzing mutual funds across categories including equity and debt based on a rigorous framework you own
  2. For each category of fund, arrive at the Capitalmind shortlist with our own unbiased recommendation on the top 1-2 funds. Ensure recommendations are current by revisiting and refreshing this analysis at periodic intervals.
  3. Regularly publish in-depth insightful and interesting research on mutual fund trends that offers actionable value to Capitalmind readers
  4. Keep on top of developments that might indicate red flags in some funds or AMCs that investors should be made aware of
  5. Engage with and learn from the Capitalmind community

How to Apply: Write to us at jobs [at] with samples of your best mutual funds analysis and writing. In your email don’t forget to tell us a little about what makes you tick and what got you interested in Capitalmind. Oh, and your resume too.

Investment Analyst

Capitalmind Investment Analyst Outcomes:

  1. Regularly publish in-depth insightful and interesting research on industries, stocks, economic trends that offers actionable value to Capitalmind readers
  2. Ensure high-quality insights through a combination of secondary and primary research (where required)
  3. Write in an engaging manner about a breadth of topics about markets, investment themes, and trends
  4. Identify and pitch internally, 2-3 prospective stocks/holdings per quarter for Capitalmind portfolios

Interested in becoming an Investment Analyst at Capitalmind? Send us samples of your best analysis and writing. In your email, don’t forget to tell us a little about what makes you tick and what got you interested in Capitalmind. Oh, and your resume too.

Quantitative Investment Analyst

We’re looking for analysts with strong quantitative, economic and financial background. Experience with ML/AI applications in financial markets. Experience with building financial models in R or python. Working knowledge of Thomson Reuters products (Eikon) is a plus. CFA/FRM would be an added advantage.

Capitalmind Quantitative Analyst Outcomes:

  1. Own the lifecycle of building quantitative investment strategies from hypothesis building, collating and  data, back-testing and optimization to going live
  2. Publish high-quality whitepapers about research outcomes. Publish on about the quantitative research process and key findings
  3. Identify and pitch internally, 1-2 prospective strategies per quarter to be offered as part of the Capitalmind PMS suite of products

Write to us with your resume highlighting relevant experience.

Graphic Designer – Intern

We’re looking for someone with a good eye for typography, layout, colour and brand systems to help design fresh and memorable graphics for what we publish on This is available as both a summer internship and a longer term internship.

Capitalmind Graphic Designer – Intern Outcomes

  1. Design high-quality featured images for Capitalmind articles and collateral for marketing them on the web (including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) ensuring publishing deadlines are met
  2. Develop effective digital marketing collateral for Capitalmind Premium promos, features for use on social media
  3. Develop visual elements for internal and customer-facing collateral about Capitalmind strategies in the form of whitepapers, presentations, and more

Please make sure to share links to your existing portfolio of visual design work showcasing your best, and the design software you are proficient in (ideally figma).

Want to try working with us freelance? We can try that out too. Make sure to mention that in your email.

Finance Roles:

Director or Sr. Accounts Manager

We are looking to hire a Director-Accounts to help us improve our book-keeping, manage projections and prepare MIS reports to understand and analyse how our various business units are doing. The role also includes overseeing various statutory compliance.  Responsibilities include:

  1. Books closure : Assisting and monitoring accounting team
  2. Timely month end closures in adherence to accounting standards
  3. Reporting: MIS, Provisional and projected financial statements
  4. Reconciliations and computations : receipts, payments, revenue and expenses
  5. Statutory compliance : GST, TDS, PT, ESI and Income tax.
  6. Manage accounts payable and receivable
  7. Payroll and TDS
  8. Support and co-ordinate with consultants and auditors.
  9. Any other responsibilities as assigned.

See more details on the position here.

Sales and PMS Team Roles:

Head of Sales OR Senior Sales Manager for PMS (Wealth)

Your role will require you to focus on the potential customers who reach out to us – understand how they find us, help them to learn about our offering, help them figure out if we’re a good fit for them and then make it painless for them to sign up. 

Take charge of the full lead to customer process – you will be the go-to person for potential customers to query about our product, our views on the market, documentation, our regulatory structure or other queries. You will need to be strong in customer communication, and then documenting this in our CRM (Hubspot) and sharing updates internally.
See more details on this position here.

Trader/Dealer for Capitalmind Wealth and Prop Trading

We’re looking for a candidate who will help us 

  1. Execute our daily trading sheets across stocks and ETFs and other instruments which don’t always have great liquidity. 
  2. Deploy our balance sheet into low-risk fixed income and arbitrage opportunities

See more details on this position here

Want to work with us but don’t see your skills listed above? Drop us a line anyway and tell us what you think you could add to our team.

Email jobs [at] capitalmind [dot] in

We are on twitter @Capitalmind_in


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