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The Capitalmind Focused portfolio is designed to generate wealth for investors over the long term by investing in market leaders across sectors. This portfolio is suitable to investors looking to invest for the long term (5+ years) in strong stocks with high quality management and high growth potential.

The Capitalmind Focused Portfolio invests in 15 to 18 stocks across sectors and is reviewed regularly for updates and rebalances.

Portfolio Highlights

  • Focus on market leaders with growth visibility in the next 3-5 years.
  • Strong risk management in place with pre-defined entry/exit strategies.
  • Focus on Free cash flow generating companies without excess leverage.
  • Competent Management with good corporate governance.
  • Companies that consistently generate higher Return on Capital than the Cost of Capital.
  • Reluctant towards companies with high cyclicality in business.

Portfolio Performance

*Updated Weekly, refer to the date in the first row of the table below

This portfolio was previously called the Long Term Multicap portfolio. See the revamp post.


Frequently Asked Questions

Should I invest in lumpsum or invest systematically (SIP)?

We recommend investing over a period of time into this strategy. This time frame can range from 3 to 6 months.

How much of my portfolio should I allocate to CM Focused?

You can start with a target percentage of equity allocation in mind and arrive at that target over the course of a few months. The target can vary between 10% to 50% of equity allocation. The important thing is to give it a year before you decide whether it works for you.

What is the minimum amount that can be invested in this strategy?

The minimum lot size for CM Focused is ~2.5 Lac (including cash component). However, at any given time, the minimum amount varies depending on the underlying stock prices.

Can I use this portfolio for monthly income generation?

No. CM Focused can underperform the market for periods of time. At any time, only consider investing an amount that you will definitely not need over the next 2-3 years.

What is the Churn rate of the portfolio?

It is a low churn portfolio. We intend to hold on to the companies that are showing good growth or visible near-term triggers. Typically we will rebalance the portfolio 4-5 times per year as per the market conditions.

Does Capitalmind execute the portfolio buys and sells?

No. Premium is a research platform offering model portfolios and action updates. The execution of the changes is done by members through their own trading accounts.

We regularly share updates on the website and our slack community to keep you updated with portfolio developments. Few key updates from website are listed here:

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