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At Capitalmind Premium, we speak a lot about Bonds! Here’s a quick look at what we have written.

Tutorial – Bonds

What, really, are bonds?

There is no easy answer. Bonds sound like handcuffs, and to many companies they are those indeed. But the idea is simple: they’re like fixed deposits, but you trade them. And to further simplify this instrument, we have multi-pronged tutorial : We walk you through the basics of Bonds, Bonds Trading, as well as nuances like:

  • Doing Internal rate of return calculations on bonds to find out what they really return
  • Taxation in bonds, and operational logistics like record dates
  • Building Long Term Bond Portfolios or your own Pension Fund.

Here’s the list:

Tutorial: How To Buy Bonds Online – The Basics, Part 1

Tutorial: Cash Flow Based Return of Long Term Bonds Available Online, Part 2

Tutorial : Tax Implications and Nuances of Online Bonds – Part 3

Video Series: Bond Baba

Introduction to Bonds:

What are Bond Yields:

Different types of bonds – G-Secs, Tax-free bonds and so on:

Convertibles, Callable and Puttable Bonds:

Interest Rate Futures

Sovereign Gold Bonds:

Capitalmind Debt Masterclass: (Pay to access)

To purchase the full masterclass, go to this link:

Interesting Bond Articles


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