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[13 Aug 22] Newsletter: Independence day offer, Market overview & 5 good reads!

🔆 Market Overview: Sensex 30 PE trend, Macro markers & Top stocks of the week 🔆 Links we like: 5 good reads on markets & money 🔆 Independence Day ...

[6 Aug 22] Newsletter: Market Overview, 5 Good Reads & Capitalmind Weekly Show!

. ⚡ Market Overview: Sensex 30 PE trend, Macro markers & Top stocks of the week ⚡ Links we like: 5 good reads on markets & money ⚡ Capitalmind Show: ...

Podcast: Why the crypto crash impacts you?

Cryptocurrencies were all the rage in the past few years on account of rising asset prices and volatility. Now, they are going through a bear market that has ...

Will funds squeeze hurt Vi’s 5G prospects?

With the 5G spectrum auctions round the corner, Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel look set to make strong bids. Can Vi mount a worthy challenge or will it end up ...

Radico Khaitan – Spirited to Shine?

Radico Khaitan makes and sells alcoholic beverages in India. Formerly known as Rampur Distillery, the company used to be a spirits supplier and bottler for ...

Newsletter: Mutual Funds investing in loss making IPOs, Thinking in odds, Measuring quality & More

🌟 5x5: Five articles summarised in five lines . 🔆 Insights: MFs investing in tech stocks that tanked. How bad is it? 🔆 Psychology: Thinking ...

Nithin Kamath on Fintechs, Fallacy of Recency, Buffett buys ‘dirty’ energy & More

. 🔆 Business: Realistic insights on India's fintech space by Nithin Kamath 🔆 Psychology: Fallacy of recency bias and rare events 🔆 Inflation: ...

Fallacy of Price Anchoring, Should you time the market?, How long will it take to bottom out, and More.

. 🔆 Psychology: The fallacy of price anchoring after a bull run 🔆 Number Talk: The history of market bottoms and rebounds 🔆 Concepts: The ...

Berkshire annual meet 2022, Framework to pick winners, Finding alpha & More

. 🔅 Investing: Lessons from Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting 2022 🔅 Actionable: Framework to filter out winners & position sizing 🔅 ...

How much is the US worth, What’s next for Netflix, Investing lessons from Dalal Street & More

. 🔆 Valuation: Quick theoretical exercise to value a country - the USA 🔆 Business: What went down with Netflix and what's ahead? 🔆 Venture ...