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How Russia Ukraine war impacts India, Uncertainty, an Interesting poll & More

.  🔆 Newsletter Exclusive: ONDC - can be the next big thing in the E-Commerce space  🔆 Geopolitics: Impact of Russia Ukraine war on India (detailed ...

Sugar stocks Rally, LIC IPO isn’t as sweet, Don’t gamble with investments & More

. In this edition, we cover: . ☀️ In trend: Sugar stocks are rallying across the market. What's up with it? ☀️ IPO Insight: LIC is a huge ...

Crypto cares for Ukraine, Best ELSS fund for 2022, Too much money issues & More

. 🔆 Crypto Cares: The world comes to the rescue of Ukraine in difficult times through cryptocurrencies 🔆 Actionable: Our pick for the best tax saving ...

Invest in US stocks via NSE, EPFO concerns, What drives financial news & More

In this edition we have - 🔆 International Investing: Indians can now invest in US stocks through NSE IFSC 🔆 Financial News: What drives the ...

Markets are volatile but your investing shouldn’t be!

This week we have put together this newsletter to get you some insights that may help you sail through the sea of volatility -  🔅 Case Study: How are ...

Russia’s Fart Of War, LIC IPO Analysis, FANGAM Valuations and More

Last week was all about rumors of Russia going to war with Ukraine. Which didn't happen. Thankfully so. But it was enough to spook the markets and scare the ...

Old Buffett makes billions, Young ARKK loses them

🔆 Old Buffett makes billions, Young ARKK loses them   In this edition, we cover: 🔅 Start-Up: Have your cake, eat it and pay later - the Zomato ...

Manyavar IPO: Will investors find the right fit?

Vedant Fashions Ltd., which owns and operates the ethnic wear brand Manyavar, is looking to raise ₹3149 crores in the ongoing IPO. Should you ...

Metaverse ain’t fun, DSP Global Innovation Fund sounds fun, Trivial things are fun & More

Here's what we are covering today: ☀️ World Markets: Why are Facebook and social media stocks sinking? ☀️ New Mutual Fund NFO: They're selling you ...

Budget 2022: Crypto Tax, No Bonus Stripping and Twitter Threads

Budget 2022: The Big Thread on all things that will be super important today! #Budget2022 Our thoughts on the budgets, live tweeted. And then, the Cryto ...