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[Newsletter] Analysing Smallcap 250 correction, 5 Good Reads and Market Overview

While mid and smallcase struggled really hard, Nifty 50 had a nice week with a 2% gain. Crude continues to move up and has now touched $94. Gold ended flat ...

[Newsletter] Target higher returns or higher corpus?, 5 Good Reads and Market Overview

9 September 2023: Nifty 50 had a solid week, with a 2% increase, while Gold and Silver fell. Crude continues to move up and has now touched $90, increasing our ...

Newsletter: CEO’s letter as we turn 9, 5 Good Reads & A Quiz question!

It seems like everything performed well this week, with crude oil notably making strides towards the $100 mark. Both gold and silver have seen an increase of ...

[Podcast] How to invest a lumpsum amount?

You've tuned in to another episode of The Capitalmind Podcast, where we tackle a question that's been on your mind: "ESOP lumpsum in hand, what's your next ...

[Newsletter] Market overview, CM Chase performance review & 5 good reads

This week, Brent bucked the trend to fall 3.2% while Nifty and Gold also fell at little under 1%. Over 1 year period, Silver is up by 25% and gold is up by ...

[Newsletter] 5 Good reads and 25% off on all products!

🔆 Saturday Coffee Newsletter Independence day offer: 25% off on all products Market Overview: Top indices & asset classes Good Reads: 5 good reads on ...

[Newsletter] Quantitative Growth, 5 Good Reads and Weekly Quiz!

Brent has shot up in the past one month by 12% and surpassed the $85 mark. Nifty 50 and Gold slided slightly this week and they are up by 1% over the past ...

[Newsletter] High ROCE means higher returns?, 5 Good Reads, and Market Overview

Brent Crude has risen by 13% in the past month and is now trading around $84. Nifty 50, Gold and Silver cooled off a bit this week while USDINR gained a ...

[Newsletter] Letter from Fund Manager, 5 Good Reads and Market Overview

Nifty 50 inches up and reaches yet another high point. While the street expected to see 20k print on the Index but it wasn't to be. Silver has delivered a ...

[Podcast] Stock market returns are lumpy. Get used to it

 Our latest podcast episode is here, and it’s all about exploring the different ways investors make money in ...