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The Berkshire Pilgrimage: Notes from The Buffett and Charlie AGM in Omaha

Great investors are always interesting to listen to. The biggest person of all, in the investing field, is the legendary Warren Buffett, and his long time ...

Debt Airways. But The Shares Trade Like There Is A Tomorrow.

Jet Airways is now slowly going into conversations as past tense. Meaning, what a wonderful airline it used to be. Because it isn’t there anymore, and in ...

Macronomics: High Capacity Utilization = A New Capex Cycle?

In Macronomics today, we will check something that came from the RBI recently - a Capacity Utilization Survey. This indicates how much of available capacity is ...

Charts: Core Inflation Moves Down Again, Interest Rates Remain High In Comparison

As inflation data comes in, the only thing to ask is: is it going up. There are two elements to inflation – the stuff that includes food and fuel (the ...

The FMP Saga: What’s with Fixed Maturity Plans (FMP) Losing Money?

(Warning: Long post.) News floods the investment landscape about something strange in the land of debt funds. It turns out that: a) Kotak Mutual Fund has an ...

Yet Another Rate Cut: RBI Cuts to Lowest Rate Since 2010, But Confuses By Its “Stance”

RBI cuts the repo rate today by 0.25% to 6%, the lowest it has been since 2010 (it was at 6% in 2017 too, for a while). This isn’t the lowest though ...

Tata Steel Quietly Takes 92% in the Erstwhile Bhushan Steel Through Convertible Shares

Last year, we wrote about the Bhushan Steel Bankruptcy (read post: The Bhushan Steel Bankruptcy Saga) The resolution gave the company to Tata Steel, which ...

Podcast: The State of Financial Advice in India (Episode 4)

It’s the Quarter End – a barrage of requests from bankers, investment advisors, distributors about new investments or topping up old ones. Deepak ...

Charts: Nifty and Next 50 Monthly Returns Show a Whopper Return in March

The Nifty’s ended the financial year well, with a 7% gain and a solid move on the index. We usually post this as a chart regularly and have missed out on ...

You Can Harvest Losses to Save Some Capital Gains Taxes, Last Day Today

We wrote about loss harvesting in our premium post by Bond Baba: Harvest those Losses! The essence is this: You may have booked capital gains taxes in your ...