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Ten Money messages I would share with my younger self

As unintuitive as it'll sound coming from an investment manager, you probably don't need to think about investing as much as you think you do—that and nine ...

Momentum makes a comeback, Low Vol continues steadily – Aug ’23

The 3rd 2023 quarterly rebalance of the CM Low Vol portfolio goes out to Capitalmind Premium and CM Low Vol smallcase subscribers this weekend. This post ...

How non-programmers can use Chatgpt’s Code Interpreter to kickstart analysis

The closest analogy to using chatgpt and Code Interpreter is like everyone having access to a smart yet inexperienced intern conversant with python ...

The impact of Return on Capital on Shareholder Returns

Return on Capital (ROC) is considered a critical part of the puzzle of finding quality businesses to invest for the long term. We did a longitudinal analysis ...

How the investment industry harnesses FOMO to drive sales

The typical Amazon product page has almost 10 elements meant to nudge us to buy the product. All businesses utilise FOMO-nudges to stand out in a crowded ...

Plan less, Live More

Conventional financial planning works well when we have perfect information about our financial future. Few in the real world have that luxury. We don't know ...

Certainty is absurd

Disclaimer: This post is a question without an answer. It is also not about investing. In the winter of 1799, George Washington, the first President of the ...

The Ebb and Flow of Momentum and Low Vol – May ’23 Update

The 2nd 2023 quarterly rebalance of the CM Low Vol portfolio went out to Capitalmind Premium and CM Low Vol smallcase subscribers yesterday. This post covers a ...

Fact, Fiction and Factor Investing

Factor investing has been around for several decades, backed by an enormous body of literature, and yet it is still surrounded by much confusion and debate. ...

Quick look: Performance of NSE Nifty Indices

The Nifty has been more or less flat over the last year. Did you know that you'd be sitting with a 1-year return of 50+% if you had invested in the Nifty India ...