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Capitalmind Premium subscribers get exclusive access to Five model portfolios & One active strategy with distinct risk-return profiles.

    1. CM Passive: A low-cost low-touch large-cap portfolio meant for the long-term
    2. CM Momentum: Algorithmically picked portfolio of stocks based on price-momentum
    3. CM Chase: NIFTY + Futures Systematic Trend-Following Strategy
    4. CM Focused:  Bottom up fundamentally picked equity portfolio
    5. CM Fixed Income: Portfolio of three to five debt mutual funds
    6. CM Low Volatility Portfolio: Factor based portfolio of stocks showing lower relative volatility
    7. CM Equity Mutual Fund Portfolio: Active mutual funds for building long term wealth


The chart below represents the approximate target risk-return profiles of the five portfolios compared to a simple buy-and-hold NIFTY strategy.

Most subscribers build a portfolio using 1 or more of these using guidelines we publish on our ‘Getting Started’ page.

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About Capitalmind Portfolios

Read on to see a snapshot of our portfolio investment philosophy and performance since inception.

How to allocate to Capitalmind Portfolios?

We have a longer post at on how you should allocate to Capitalmind Portfolios  . The summary:

  • Figure out asset allocation (equity vs. debt vs. more aggressive)
  • Capitalmind has portfolios for each type
  • We suggest you invest in all, but depends on what kind of strategy you would like
  • Here’s a sample way to think about it:

How to allocate between CM Portfolios


Capitalmind Passive Strategy

Philosophy: A low-cost low-touch combination of index funds investing in large cap Indian and US stocks, rebalanced annually

Review / Rebalance Frequency: Annual

Minimum Investment Amount: ₹ 10,000

Portfolio Launch: Sep 2019

Past Performance

Capitalmind Momentum Portfolio

Philosophy: An algorithmically selected portfolio of 15 to 20 stocks showing strong price momentum with near-term price and volume threshold conditions.

Review / Rebalance Frequency: Weekly

Minimum Investment Amount: ₹ 60,000 (can go up to ₹ 100,000)

Portfolio Launch: Jan 2019

Past Performance:

Capitalmind Chase

Philosophy: Systematic trend-following long-short strategy that takes positions in NIFTY futures in addition to an investment in NIFTY ETF

Review / Rebalance Frequency: Daily

Minimum Investment Amount: ₹ 10,00,000

Portfolio Launch: July 2020

Past Performance:

Capitalmind Focused Portfolio (previously called LT Multicap)

Philosophy: Revamped in April 2020 to be constructed with a combination of stocks in emerging sectors with potential for delivering strong growth and special situation deep value opportunities. Time horizon of 18 to 36 months.

Review / Rebalance Frequency: Quarterly

Minimum Investment Amount: Upto ₹ 3,25,000 (includes Cash component if any)

Portfolio Launch: 1 Jan 2019

Past Performance:

Capitalmind Fixed Income Portfolio

Philosophy: The essential counterbalance in any asset allocation strategy is that the Fixed Income portfolio is meant to deliver a slight premium over the risk-free rate while minimising the risk of capital loss. Consists of between three and five debt mutual funds.

Review / Rebalance Frequency: Quarterly

Minimum Investment Amount: ₹ 10,000

Portfolio Launch: Jan 2015

Past Performance:

Capitalmind Equity Mutual Fund Portfolio

Philosophy: Capitalmind Mutual Fund Portfolio comprises three active funds that allow us adequate diversification across strategies, categories, and risk-return profiles.

Review / Rebalance Frequency: Yearly

Minimum Investment Amount: ₹ 10,000

Portfolio Launch: August 2022

Capitalmind Low Volatility Portfolio

Philosophy: Capitalmind Low Volatility holds a diverse portfolio of stocks demonstrating relatively lower volatility than the market.

Review / Rebalance Frequency: Quarterly

Minimum Investment Amount: ₹ 75,000

Portfolio Launch: August 2021

For immediate access to all Capitalmind Portfolios

About Capitalmind Portfolios


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