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[Podcast] Should you invest in a PMS?


Welcome back to the Capitalmind Podcast – a place where we dissect the nuances of finance and investing, in a world that never stops changing. Your hosts, Deepak & Shray, are here to de-clutter yet another topic in their lucid and candid style.

In today’s episode, we’re zooming in on Portfolio Management Services (PMSes), a vehicle for your long-term wealth management. Here’s a glimpse of what’s on our financial canvas today:

  1. PMS Demystified: We’re going to peel back the layers on Portfolio Management Services – both the legalese and the real-world implications – to answer the quintessential question: “Does it make sense for you to invest?”
  2. The Art of Timing: We’ll delve into the art and science of choosing the right time horizon for your investments and why it’s the secret sauce behind successful wealth building.
  3. The 50 Lakh Question: At point of your investment journey should you consider investing in a PMS?
  4. What’s the PMS magic?: What can it do that traditional investment avenues can’t? Specifically, does it offer any edge against Mutual Funds? (Spoiler alert: It does)
  5. The Ideal PMS Investor: We’ll introduce you to different archetypes of investors who stand to gain the most from embracing PMS offerings from our experience of managing 1200+ crores.


Time Stamps:

00:00 Introduction and Disclaimer

01:30 What is a Portfolio Management Service and what’s it good for or what’s the point?

05:05 Who should invest in a PMS? And what should be the tenure of your investment?

08:53 Where to invest for short term needs?

13:27 The issues with investing in a mutual fund.

27:53 What does a PMS offer? What are the benefits of a PMS?

36:23 Once you cross a 50 Lakh mark, should you move from MFs to PMS?

42:36 What can a PMS do differently?

46:51 What about the returns of PMS and is it worth it vs Nifty?

52:15 Who shouldn’t invest in a PMS?

58:27 Who should invest in a PMS?

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