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Month: December 2022

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Which is the best REIT in India?

REITs, a relatively new asset class to Indian investors had seen a huge interest in the last 3Y. Despite the huge popularity, REITs' performance is below par. ...

Looking for the best PMS for your investments? All you need to know about Capitalmind PMS

As a high-net-worth investor in India, you have a wide range of options when it comes to choosing a portfolio management service (PMS) to invest your money. ...

🔆 03-Dec: Honda Power, GDP Update & More

🔆 Quick glance What’s up with markets: Crisp overview of markets & macros What we are reading: 5 good reads from across the globe What stock: Honda ...

Podcast: LIC’s Uncommon Profit and The HDFC Twins

In this episode, Deepak & Shray break from the trend of the 50,000 feet views and do something different. Rather than zooming out, we zoom in. We discuss two ...