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  • Market Overview: Sensex 30 PE trend, Macro markers & Top stocks of the week
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Market Overview 🎯

The Nifty 50 gained closed to 1.3% this week led by JSW steel on news that government may reduce export duties on steel and Mahindra & Mahindra gained on the back of strong automobile sales. Britannia shares fell sharply because the company missed out on quarterly earnings while HDFC Live once again makes it to the top losers list.

Newsletter: Market Overview, 5 Good Reads & Capitalmind Weekly Show!

Crude plunged 15% last week and closed around $ 94. This should help cool off inflation a bit. USDINR didn’t do much over the week while gold & silver inched up a little. On a macro level, here’s how the key markers have performed over the week

Newsletter: Market Overview, 5 Good Reads & Capitalmind Weekly Show!

The Sensex PE ratio, in comparison to the long-term range, indicates that the Sensex 30 is at an attractive level to buy into.

Newsletter: Market Overview, 5 Good Reads & Capitalmind Weekly Show!

Links we like 📝

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Newsletter: Market Overview, 5 Good Reads & Capitalmind Weekly Show!
Newsletter: Market Overview, 5 Good Reads & Capitalmind Weekly Show!

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