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Newsletter: Market Overview, 5 Good Reads & Capitalmind Weekly Show!


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  • Market Overview: Sensex 30 PE trend, Macro markers & Top stocks of the week
  • Links we like: 5 good reads on markets & money
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Market Overview 🎯

This week was great for banks with IndusInd bank gaining 15.5%  on account of good earnings while Axis Bank also jumped 10%.  Overall, the Nifty 50 gained 4.1% in the week with only a handful of stocks showing a modest decline.

Newsletter: Market Overview, 5 Good Reads & Capitalmind Weekly Show!

USDINR hit a record high, crude prices continue to cool down, and Gold is up marginally. On a macro level, here’s how the key markers have performed over the week.

Newsletter: Market Overview, 5 Good Reads & Capitalmind Weekly Show!

The only good thing about a broad market correction is that you get to buy businesses at cheaper prices. The Sensex PE ratio, in comparison to its long term range, indicates that the Sensex 30 is at an attractive level to buy into.

Newsletter: Market Overview, 5 Good Reads & Capitalmind Weekly Show!

Links we like 📝

  • Morgan Housel connects two seemingly unrelated topics to demonstrate how closely related they are and impart some intriguing lessons. Read – Little Ways The World Works
  • Lessons from Peter Cundill’s processes of investing that helped him to generate outstanding returns. Read – Wise Words from Peter Cundill
  • Based on the evidence and expectation our investment can fall into one of the four quadrants discussed in the article. The author gives a framework to recognize behavioral opportunities and avoid the risks based on the quadrant we are in. Read – How To Identify Behavioural Investment Opportunities and Risks
  • How long bear markets tend to last, the two types of bear markets, bear markets vs. recessions, and how investors should approach down markets depending on where they are in their investing lifecycle. Read – The Longest & Shortest Bear Markets
  • The future is unknown and unknowable; everything is inherently uncertain, and always has been. The only thing that changes from moment to moment is how your psyche processes this. Read –  The Uncertainty Monster

Kya Lagta Hai Bazaar🎙

We do a weekly show with Deepak Shenoy where we talk about markets, finance, and investing. A candid conversation to wrap up the week and a chance to interact with you all. Join in, every Friday, at 4 PM on YouTube.

Here’s our latest episode (aired yesterday) where we talk about a host of topics – Weekly market review, Akasa air, Escorts, Momentum investing, USD vs ofter currencies, interest rates hike by ECB, and much more. Listen in.

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Newsletter: Market Overview, 5 Good Reads & Capitalmind Weekly Show!
Newsletter: Market Overview, 5 Good Reads & Capitalmind Weekly Show!

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