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Value investor Vs Price Investor, What Buffett said about beating Inflation, Mind over markets & More


5×5: Five articles summarised in five lines 🌟

  • Framework: What kind of investor are you?
  • Lessons: Things that most successful investors do
  • Psychology: A case for mind over markets
  • Buffett-ism: Best investment against Inflation
  • F.I.R.E.: Don’t punish yourself today for a corpus of tomorrow
  • Pop Quiz #8: A quiz question that can win you a little gift from us!

Know where you fall on the spectrum? 🎯

  • Investment philosophies boil down to two broad concepts: value-led & price-led.
  • Valuation-led investors are focused on the features of the underlying asset (think Warren Buffett) while Price-led investors are focused on price and the behavior of other investors (think Momentum investing)
  • Most approaches sit in between this spectrum of price-led & value-led investing.
  • Understanding what type of investor we are (and are able to be) is absolutely paramount to making prudent and behaviourally consistent choices.
  • If we don’t know or are mistaken, then we really have no chance of making good decisions.

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Three things to better your investing game 🤙

  • The goal of investing should be to eliminate things that have a high probability of producing losses.
  • Three things stand out among the philosophies of most successful investors.
  • [1] When things don’t happen immediately with an investment it’s easy to get frustrated, think something is wrong, and give up on it. Be patient.
  • [2] Markets can build your confidence and crush your hopes all in a matter of months. Stay humble.
  • [3] Some of the biggest investing mistakes would be avoided if investors prioritized risk. Risk first.

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Investing is more in your mind, than markets 😇

  • Markets are hard — you can’t predict their behavior due to the large number of variables driving the market.
  • Losing money is stressful and it’s a difficult time to make intelligent decisions.
  • Emotions drive the stock market over shorter time frames while fundamentals drive them over longer time frames.
  • The best time to buy stocks is often when it feels the worst.
  • Two things: (1) When do I need the money?, (2) How much can I afford to lose?

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You’re your best investment ☘️

  • How do I invest in a way that beats inflation? Buffet’s answer: Be exceptionally good at something
  • It makes sense then to do something so well that you get paid more and more for it.
  • If your skill can’t generate more and more money – cross skill, upskill, and spread your wings.
  • Creating a huge portfolio that lets you live off dividends (& interest) is much more difficult than making money through your skills.
  • If you have a good amount of money, more than you need, you shouldn’t be concerned about inflation at all.

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A personal story on the path to Financial Independence 💸

  • Don’t let saving money became an obsession and miss out on actually living your life.
  • Don’t punish yourself for frugality and invest in a bigger retirement fund.
  • Understand yourselves, invest as per your psychology and live a balanced life.
  • Happiness and Sadness revert to mean – hedonic treadmill theory.
  • Progress influences happiness.

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Value investor Vs Price Investor, What Buffett said about beating Inflation, Mind over markets & More
Value investor Vs Price Investor, What Buffett said about beating Inflation, Mind over markets & More

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